How To Lose Weight Fast In 3 Easy Ways

While it does require work and a degree of sacrifice to lose weight, it does not have to be an onerous and slow process. If you do things in the right manner, you can actually lose weight quite fast- say 2-3 pounds or even more each week. And the faster you can safely lose weight, the better. This is because as you witness the pounds come off and your clothes begin to fit better each week, you are likely to be even more motivated to stick to your workout and diet plan. Also, it is much easier to stick to your weight loss diet plan if you know that you will only need to be really strict for a specific period of time, say a month or two. Below, therefore, we take a look at how to lose weight fast in 3 easy ways as follows:

1. Intermittent fasting

Variously referred to as the ‘IF’ diet, intermittent fasting is quickly gaining traction as the way to easily and rapidly lose weight. As its name suggests, intermittent fasting is based on the premise of not eating for several hours- usually 12- 20 hours at a time. Here, you are not starving yourself but are instead simply going without food for a predetermined period of time.

Going without food for anywhere between half a day and 20 hours forces the body to use up stored body fat reserves for energy which in turn enables you to lose weight quickly. In addition, you will not lose muscle or starve either as almost all the weight lost will be from any excess fat that you may be carrying, which is the ultimate objective after all. When done in the right manner, intermittent fasting should help you lose about two pounds every week without the added hassle of planning meals or counting calories thus leaving you with more energy than when following typical weight loss diets.

For intermittent fasting to be easier and more effective, here are a few tips to get you started:

· Begin with shorter fasts- Your initial fasts ought not to be longer than 12 hours. This is long enough for you to derive the benefits without driving you over the edge. Thereafter, increase the duration of each fast period until you are able to fast for 20 hours at a go.

· Stay hydrated- This should help you stay full as you fast which makes losing weight a lot easier.

· Keep busy- Since you are not going to spend your time preparing, cooking, and eating food, it is inevitable that you will have more time on your hands. Do not spend these moments thinking about food. Instead, engage in something that you enjoy and which is not based on food and your fast will seem effortless.

· Avoid bingeing after your fast- This will only leave you feeling sick. Eat a low carb, normal sized meal instead. And if you are hungry again after a couple of hours, have another snack or meal.

2. Try low carb foods

If you find intermittent fasting difficult, then the best thing for you in your quest of how to lose weight fast is to go on a low carb diet which can also help you lose more than 2 pounds a week. Here, low carb denotes eating less than 75 grams of carbohydrates in a day (this is the amount of carbohydrates found in 2 slices of bread, 1.5 cups of rice, and 18 ounces of cola) as the fewer you consume, the faster you are likely to lose weight. Moreover, you do not have to count every single carbohydrate you eat or incessantly scan food labels- all you need to do is to be aware of the types of food you should avoid. Do this, and you are well on your way to fast weight loss.

Foods to avoid

The main foods to avoid are those rich in refined and processed carbohydrates (e.g. sugar and flour) and fruit juices. These include rice, soda, pasta, crackers, cookies, candy, and bread. Anything made from these ingredients ought to be avoided.

What to eat

It is advisable to focus on eating protein rich foods such as red meat, pork, fish, and chicken. Also, aim to eat a palm-sized protein portion at every meal. Fats are also recommended as they not only help you stay full, but keep you healthy as well. Some are even known to aid the process of weight loss which is why some type of fat is essential with every meal. Examples of healthy fats include fat from butter, avocados, fish, coconut oil, olive oil, and nuts. However, stay away from trans-fats and vegetable oils as these are hazardous to your health. Lastly, ensure that the carbohydrates you eat are primarily from vegetables (onions, broccoli, asparagus etc.). Fruits are also okay when consumed in smaller amounts, with berries being the best choice.

3. Swing, lift, and throw often

If your goal is to look your best in your attempts on how to lose weight fast, then you must also swing, lift, or throw something heavy like a kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell several times a week. Doing this should help you burn thousands of calories during and after your workouts as well as trigger the release of fat burning hormones such as testosterone and HGH to speed up the process even more.

Also, ensure that every workout you perform involves total body exercises e.g. dead lifts, chin ups, shoulder presses, kettlebell swings, squats and farmers walks. Again, remember, the less you rest in between sets, the more calories you will burn as short rest periods boost the release of fat burning hormones. Therefore, aim for a minute rest or less between sets- you will know you are doing it right when you feel your muscles and lungs burning. The best thing about such workouts is that they do not take up much time and you can even get a great fat loss workout in less time than it may take to drive to your local gym.

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